Vodafone is revamping its mobile plans under a new brand: EVO.

The company says that EVO plans are all about flexibility. Customers can trade in their existing handset for a discount, pick a flexible contract length, and choose to upgrade hardware within the contract.

The refreshed EVO plans will launch later this month for both new and existing customers, and Vodafone says that in addition to added flexibility they should help Vodafone users save money.

Much like O2’s Refresh plans, Vodafone EVO splits your bill into two separate agreements: a loan payment for the handset itself, and a separate contract for your Vodafone coverage. That makes it easier to change your plan as you go, or keep the plan constant while you change device, and even means you can switch network once your airtime plan has over, even if you’re still paying for the handset.

Contracts range from 12 to 36 months, with the option to upgrade your phone any time after 12 months. At that point – or when you start an EVO plan – you can take advantage of Vodafone’s handset trade-in scheme to get money off from your current phone, which you can have valued from within the MyVodafone app.

EVO customers will also get access to Vodafone’s VeryMe reward scheme (which just handed out its 50 millionth reward last month), along with roaming in 81 countries.

Every phone also comes with a two-year warranty and free phone battery replacements, along with the option to use Unlimited Data Boosters giving you uncapped data for 30 days at a time, up to six times during the contract.

The new plans will also be combined with Vodafone’s Pro Broadband – which launched earlier this year in March – under new Vodafone Together plans. These will give you the chance to sign up for a mobile plan and broadband together, or add one the other onto your existing plan at any time to save money – apparently up to £800 a year for a family of four.

Importantly, Vodafone has also partnered with Saracens and Lions rugby star Maro Itoje on an initiative called Buy One, Give One. For every Vodafone Together customer, the company will donate one SIM card to a person in need, including 20GB of monthly data plus calls & texts, via the Trussell Trust’s food bank network, giving them entirely free internet access for up to a year.

Vodafone Maro Itoje

“I’m extremely proud to be the ambassador for this brilliant new Vodafone initiative, helping give connectivity to many people in desperate need and raising awareness of this huge issue in our society,” said Itoje. “Vodafone’s work during the pandemic stood it apart – and it’s fantastic to see this work continuing with a long-term commitment to make this change for good and fix digital poverty together.”

Vodafone says it aims to connect a million people currently in digital poverty by the end of 2022 as it expands the social programs it rolled out during the pandemic. The company’s new CEO Ahmed Essam also reiterated its green aims, with a promise to eliminate all carbon emissions from its UK operations by 2027.

Vodafone EVO and Together plans will both launch later this month from Vodafone.co.uk or the company’s over 400 physical stores. From the launch, every phone sold by Vodafone will be on an EVO plan – though it will still be possible to buy the older combined device & airtime plans from third-party stores like Carphone Warehouse.