If you’re not familiar with mesh Wi-Fi, it’s simply a pack of two or three routers which do a similar job to the Wi-Fi router you already have from your broadband provider such as Sky, BT, Virgin and TalkTalk.

Rather than broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal from one place, a three-pack such as this MW3 kit broadcasts it from three separate rooms. This means it should cover your entire home with a strong Wi-Fi signal and usually most of the garden as well.

So if your current router’s signal doesn’t quite reach as far as you’d like, or things slow to crawl if you’re in the back bedroom or a loft room, the Nova MW3 will solve those problems.

When Tenda launched the Nova MW3, the three-pack cost £99.99, making the current price of £69.99 look cheap. But you can get it from Currys PC World for only £59.99 right now.

Get the Tenda MW3 for £59.99 at Currys PC World

A £10 discount might not sound amazing, but this makes it the cheapest three-pack mesh Wi-Fi kit around. It’s also an affordable alternative to powerline adapters and Wi-Fi repeaters, neither of which will give you the Wi-Fi coverage that the MW3 will.

Tenda claims it will cover up to 3500 square feet,  which is way larger than most UK homes, and in our testing we found it delivered speeds of up to 360Mbps and 100Mbps at the far reaches of its coverage. That's faster than most UK broadband speeds.

Of course, you can have even better speeds if you’re prepared to spend more, but the whole attraction of the Nova MW3 at this price is the fact it will give you whole-home Wi-Fi on a tight budget. Plus, it lets you create a separate guest Wi-Fi network and includes controls so you can limit when certain devices (such as your kids’) can use the internet.

If you do want faster speeds, the MW5 kit is only £20 more and it’s not even on sale: £79.99 is the usual price, and is also a bargain.

Get the Tenda MW3 for £59.99 at Currys PC World

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