We've hunted down the best Powerline adapter and Mesh Wi-Fi deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Creating a fast home network is a domestic essential these days. And relying on a Wi-Fi signal from a room far from your main TV and games rooms is rarely a rewarding experience, especially in homes with multiple phones and devices eating your valuable wireless connection.

To improve your home network speeds there are many devices to choose from, but our two favourite technologies are Powerline and Mesh.

Both are much better solutions than puny Wi-Fi extenders that do little more than push a weak wireless signal a bit further around your home.

Powerline adapters use the electrical wiring in your homes as proxy Ethernet cables. Setup is simple - just a matter of plugging the adapters into your wall power sockets and then linking one to your modem/router.

The second adapter is then connected by cable to your TV, console, laptop or whatever other smart device is desperate for a strong wired connection to the Internet.

Some Powerline adapters can also create a new strong Wi-Fi hotspot. For more details, see our What is Powerline feature, but come back here for the Cyber Monday deals!

Mesh Wi-Fi is focused on creating a strong and sophisticated wireless network throughout the home. Again, setup is easy, and you can add extra adapters throughout your abode.

Here are the best Powerline and Mesh Wi-Fi deals we have found this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Devolo Magic 1 Wi-Fi Powerline

Devolo is a long-established maker of quality Powerline systems, and Amazon has over £70 off its Magic 1 Wi-Fi Whole Home Kit, which includes three 1,200Mbps Powerline adapters that also work to create a Mesh Wi-Fi network - the adapters create new wireless hotspots in the rooms that need them most, as well as providing two Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections. At £126, it’s a great deal.

The Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next Whole Home Kit, in comparison, costs £269. At 2,400Mbps, it's faster (although not as the numbers suggest, double) but the Magic 1 on today's deal will be more than enough for most.

You can also buy Devolo’s older but still able dLAN 550 Duo+, which at 550Mbps isn’t as speedy as the Magic 1 and doesn't offer any Mesh functions, but the two adapters will certainly improve your network speeds, and it’s on sale for just £49.99, down from £69.99. It lacks the extra Wi-Fi hotspot, but like the Magic 1, features handy pass-through power sockets and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

At around the same speed as the 550 Duo+, BT’s Broadband Extender Flex 600 Kit features two Powerline adapters with pass-through sockets. There’s only one Ethernet port on each of the two adapters and no extra Wi-Fi hotspot, but it’s super affordable at £39.99 (£10 off) for homes that need just one wired connection in a second room.

There is also a deal on BT’s Mini Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi pack (three nodes), which has a 43% discount, down from £129.99 to £73.49. It is suitable for medium to large homes.

There’s an even bigger 46% discount on Tenda’s MW5s-3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, down from £149.99 to £80.99. Each of the three nodes features two Gigabit Ethernet adapters, and it's designed for smaller homes (3,500 square feet) and people with smaller budgets.

Linksys Mesh WiFi System

One of our favourite Mesh systems is the Linksys Velop, and there are two Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals on Amazon. The WHW0103 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System features three nodes, and is powerful enough for four-bedroom houses (4,500 square feet). Each node includes two Gigabit Ethernet LAN connections.

The price has been slashed by 42% from £219.99 to £127.99.

Its more powerful sibling, the Linksys WHW0303 also features three nodes but can handle homes of up to 6,000 square feet. There’s 14% off this system, down from £254 to £219.99.

Finally, there’s 20% off the Netgear Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System. This also has three nodes (with one Gigabit Ethernet each) that can cover 4,500 square feet. There's £60 off from £299.99 to £239.99 for Cyber Monday.