At the latest Made by Google event the Californian search giant unveiled a range of new products including a new mesh Wi-Fi network: Google Nest WiFi.

This is essentially a follow-up to the previous Google Wifi, but under the new Google Nest branding which now covers all of the company's Google Assistant-powered smart home tech. It's also had a redesign to bring in softer curves, a simpler aesthetic, and a few welcome colour options.

When is the Google Nest WiFi release date?

The Nest WiFi releases in both the US and UK on 4 November, but you can order it from Google.

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How much does the Nest WiFi cost?

You'll be able to grab the Router alone for £149/$169, a two-pack of a Router and Point for £239/$269, and a three-pack with a Router and two Points for $349 - though that last set isn't available in the UK.

The Point will also be sold separately for £129/$149, but that'll be online-only to avoid confusion, since without a Router none of its mesh Wi-Fi functionality will work.

What are the new specs & features?

That mention of the Google Assistant is no accident - the biggest addition to Nest WiFi is that it essentially doubles up as a set of Nest Mini speakers, packing far-field microphones and speakers directly into the hardware.

There's no speaker in the Router - the part that connects directly into your phone line - but the second device, the Point doubles not only to expand your Wi-Fi coverage but also to spread the Google Assistant around the house. The audio capabilities are the same as in the Nest Mini, also announced today, and it also has a physical microphone mute switch for when you don't want Google listening in.

In terms of tech specs, the main Router has a 4x4 radio for Wi-Fi, together with Bluetooth and a thread radio for controlling your smart home devices. Each Point has a 2x2 radio, the same Bluetooth and thread capabilities, and a machine-learning chip to help power the Google Assistant on-device.