The plan also launches with a redesigned Smart Router that its hoped will improve base coverage in the first place. Customers will get one router and one disc when they sign up and can add up to three discs to their plan if their home has more Wi-Fi dead spots.

Image: EE

As a bonus, EE will also give all its Smart Wi-Fi home broadband customers a 4GEE Wi-Fi Mini, a 4G Mi-Fi device with 2GB free monthly data to connect to when out and about. The device is also designed as a fall back if customers have broadband issues, as EE can remotely boost the allowance to 250GB.

“With even greater numbers of customers and devices connecting to WiFi, it will help eliminate those areas in the home where it’s hard to get coverage,” said Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, Consumer, at EE. The company hopes the launch alongside a new EE Home app will make the set-up process easier than ever.