EE has started offering unlimited data plans in the UK for the first time. Available from £34 per month on a SIM free deal, the plans are available for 4G or the company’s new 5G network. You will of course need a compatible phone for the latter.

We reviewed EE’s 5G network earlier in the year with positive results. The 5G plans also let people add Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport and a Roam Further Pass to their line with EE’s Swappable Benefits scheme.

EE said the unlimited plans are not capped for speed unlike some plans offered by competitors. But in recent years no-catch unlimited plans have become more common. Three currently offers a full unlimited plan on a 12-month contract for £20 per month

But with EE you can gift up to 120GB monthly of your unlimited data to any other EE mobile line linked to your account, which might well be the best thing about the new plans.

At the time of writing, the plans were not live on EE’s website, so we could not fully confirm pricing details.

EE differentiates itself, and its high prices, by citing itself “the best mobile network in the UK as rated by independent testing experts RootMetrics, for the sixth year running.” High praise indeed.

A 5G SIM-free plan starts at £44 per month, but no-one is likely to own a 5G phone without a SIM given how young the tech is – so a 5G phone plan with unlimited everything starts at £69 per month. That is reasonable given the new network boost and the premium devices on offer.

The previous 4G SIM deals got you 100GB for £27 – it’s pretty hard to tear through 100GB in a month unless you are watching Netflix constantly without Wi-Fi, so in a way expensive unlimited plans aren’t always the most economic option.

But for people who don’t like to rely on Wi-Fi or get better speeds on 4G, then unlimited plans are a godsend, with no more worrying about running out every month.