Whether you’re after a single Google Wifi router to expand your existing mesh setup or you’re ready to upgrade from your old ISP-supplied router, this deal from Google should appeal.

It may be the previous-generation system rather than the current one, but at these prices you probably won’t care, especially as both systems are Wi-Fi 5 rather than Wi-Fi 6.

Each router offers up to 85 square metres of coverage (915 square feet) and can support up to 100 connected devices.

Being the slightly older version, it’s not the future-proof option, but to get a much faster Wi-Fi  5 (or even Wi-Fi 6) mesh system, you’ll need a budget at least two or three times this amount. And if your broadband speed is around 300Mbps or less, then there’s hardly any need to go faster than this.

The deal is slightly better in the UK than US: there's £40 off a single device (£49.99 instead of £89.99) and £139.99 for the three-pack instead of £189.99.

UK deal: Get Google Wifi from only £49.99

In the US, there's $30 off one router, and $50 off the three pack, bringing them down to $69.99 and $149.99 respectively.

US deal: Get Google Wifi from just $69.99

Plus, the Google Wifi is very easy to set up and is reliable –exactly what you want from your home Wi-Fi. Each router has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices too.

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