Xiaomi leaker @xiaomishka also posted the video on Twitter claiming to show a 270Hz touch sampling rate, bettering several other phones. This is to do with touch response, and not to be confused with display refresh rates.

In addition, GSMArena is carrying a promotional video teasing the phone in which a man getting a massage uses what we presume is the new phone, and you can see the back of it. The phone looks to have LEDs, predominantly in green like the first two Black Shark phones, and is made of metal and glass.

Gaming phones are popular in their obvious niche, but even though they often have incredibly cutting edge specs, they are not adopted or bought by mainstream consumers. The Razer Phone was released in 2017 with a 120Hz refresh rate display, technology most people are only just beginning to hear about thanks to its presence in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

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