Oppo is all set to officially unveil the Find X3 series today, headlined by the all-singing, all-dancing Find X3 Pro - confirmed to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 and offer 10-bit colour support from the camera through to the display.

The latest leaks suggest that Oppo will unveil three phones during the global launch event, but curiously that won’t include a regular Find X3 – a phone now believed to be a China exclusive, if it exists at all.

Still, the three phones we are getting sound exciting enough. Here’s how, when, and where to watch Oppo unveil all three live this morning.

When is the Find X3 launch?

Oppo has confirmed that the Find X3 launch event will take place today, Thursday 11 March, at:

  • 11:30am GMT
  • 12:30pm CET
  • 6:30am ET
  • 3:30am PT

Where to watch the Find X3 launch live

Oppo will stream the launch of the Find X3 series live from its YouTube channel – you’ll find the stream up above on this very page, so you don’t need to go anywhere if you want to watch along.

If you prefer, you should also be able to catch the launch on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

What to expect from the Oppo Find X3 launch

If you want the full details of the upcoming phones, you should check our dedicated guide to the Oppo Find X3 series. Here’s the TL;DR version though.

Oppo Find X3

The regular Find X3 isn’t expected to launch globally, so don’t expect to see this today - at least not in the main global stream. Rumours point to a version launching in China with the Snapdragon 870 inside, and a stripped-down version of the camera module found in the Pro model.

Oppo Find X3 Pro

This is the global flagship, and the highlight of the launch. Most eye-catching is the design, which based on leaked renders appears to involve curved glass on the rear that reaches up to the camera module to create a smooth flow across the whole surface. It’s certainly unusual.

Oppo Find X3 Pro leak

Inside, Oppo has already confirmed the Snapdragon 888, which also means 5G support. Leaks suggest it will be paired with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

The 6.7in, QHD+ OLED panel should support variable refresh rates up to 120Hz, and 10-bit colour. 10-bit support will appear throughout the phone, including the camera, and images storage and encoding, for maximum picture quality.

And finally, on that camera: expect it to pack two 50Mp Sony sensors, for both the main and ultra-wide cameras. They’ll be joined by a telephoto, but instead of a 10x periscope zoom lens the phone is expected to offer something new for lens number four: a ‘microlens’ camera with its own ring light that can be used to take microscopic photos.

Oppo Find X3 Neo

If rumours are to be believed (and at this point they probably should be) the Neo will be a little less avant-garde than the Pro – not least because it’s technically not even a new phone.

Oppo Find X3 range

Consistent leaks suggest that the Neo will in fact be the Oppo Reno 5 Pro+, re-branded for a global release.

If so, that gets you a 90Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 865, and 65W fast charging. The 50Mp main camera should be the same as the Pro’s, but is joined by a lower-res ultrawide, telephoto, and regular macro camera.

Oppo Find X3 Lite

In a similar vein, the Find X3 Lite is tipped to be the regular Reno 5, re-branded.

That nets you a 90Hz AMOLED, Snapdragon 765G, and the same 65W fast charging. The camera spec is different though, with a 64Mp main camera (albeit with a smaller sensor), joined by just an ultrawide, macro, and depth sensor.