Due to a review embargo, the journalists are currently only able to show the Duo powered off. Boo!

Excitement for the device in the tech community is twofold (heh): Microsoft abandoned a device called Courier some years back but returned to its original vision of a book-like productivity device for the Duo, and secondly, because it is Microsoft’s return to phones.

But the company doesn’t like calling it a phone despite the functionality, and you can see why from some of the unboxing images. The device only has one camera and is a totally new form factor for mobile devices as a tablet hybrid.

Ever-first tech reviewer MKBHD has one of the best and earliest videos, too.

Review packs were sent with the Duo and the Surface Earbuds in a fancy presentation box, but in all likelihood the retail units will be the device only.

We do hope the Duo comes to the UK and other markets, but it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t. It’s very expensive and a first-generation product, so Microsoft is very likely to release improved second and third versions, expanding its markets as it goes.

If the improvements are anything like what the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 appears to be over the original Fold then you might well be better off waiting a year or two anyway.

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