Should you have concerns about the reliability of your connection to Three's UK network or you've already experienced issues that have indirectly been brought about by the effects of this novel coronavirus, this article should help localise and diagnose the problem and suggest some possible solutions.

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How to check whether Three is down

What to do when the problem is local to you

  • Begin by restarting your phone
  • Ensure your SIM card is correctly inserted
  • Try moving to different locations to see whether connectivity improves
  • Check your phone's quick settings or settings menu to ensure mobile data is switched on
  • Turn off flight/aeroplane mode, if it's switched on
  • Make sure your phone's firmware is up to date
  • Make sure roaming is enabled, if you're abroad
  • Check that your latest bill is paid and that payment has gone through

If your phone still isn't working and you're sure that it's not a widespread issue, back up the contents of your device and then perform a factory reset.