At the top of the price range is the $499 TCL 10 Pro, though it actually has a lower spec processor than the TCL 10 5G, packing in a Snapdragon 675. It flexes its tech muscles with a 6.47in curved OLED though. It's also got a 64Mp main camera as part of its quad lens array.

With the TCL 10 5G, TCL is pushing the idea that it can fill the mid-range segment of the market thanks to the inclusion of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip as opposed to the high-end, more expensive 865. The 765G shouldn't be too underpowered for the majority of consumers and means the phone will retail for £399 "later this year" according to The Verge.  No specific release date is set.

It has a 6.53in LCD, four rear cameras, 6GB and 128GB of internal storage - and even a headphone jack.

The cheapest of the three phones is the $249 TCL 10L with a 6.53in LCD, Snapdragon 665, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage to start. The four cameras on the back are not as good as the other two models.

The three phones will reportedly go on sale in Q2 and are TCL's first proper foray into first-party smartphone handsets. Let's hope they survive a bit longer than its BlackBerry adventure.

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