Perennial reliable tech leaker Evan Blass has tweeted a claim that Samsung is considering merging its Galaxy S and Note line of flagship phones (via Android Police). His source claims that the company is rethinking the branding of the two, which is not a surprise given how similar the specs of the S10 and Note 10 are – especially given the introduction of a smaller Note 10 model this year.

Blass is private on Twitter now, so we’ve screenshot the thread:

Image: @evleaks

The Galaxy Note has always been the bigger, debatably better version of the more mainstream Galaxy S line. Aside from the Note 7 that literally caught fire, the Note always has a boxier industrial design, a larger display and, of course, the S Pen stylus.

But with the Note 10 Samsung released two sizes for the first time and removed the headphone jack on both. So now there’s a 6.2in 1440p Galaxy S10 Plus with a headphone jack and a 6.3in 1080p Note 10 without a headphone jack. Considering the Note is marketed to power users who want the best specs, the smaller Note 10 has a lower resolution display and no headphone jack for a higher RRP.

The larger 6.8in Note 10 Plus is the true Note this year, but it shows that the two lines are closer than ever before. As Blass points out, Samsung is hoping the Galaxy Fold can start to become a regular flagship release, so the February launch of the Galaxy S11 might include a Note version with an S Pen.

Or it could be the Galaxy One, as Blass notes the plans are “fluid and tentative” – not surprising given the Fold’s rocky beginnings. Or we might not see this till 2021, if ever. But it’s an interesting thing to hear in the mobile industry right after the Galaxy S and the Note have seen to be closer than ever before in specs and features.