Samsung says there is a new update to the YouTube app that’ll allow it to enter split screen mode when used on the Galaxy Z Flip.

Called ‘Flex Mode’, it’ll intelligently kick into action as soon as the hinge on the Z Flip is slightly bent, moving the video to the top half and the rest of the video info to the bottom half, so you can still scroll through comments and other video suggestions while the action remains up top.

This also means you can set the phone down like a mini laptop and watch the video hands free.

In an announcement, Samsung highlighted the continuing partnership between it and Google to bring better software experiences to Samsung smartphones. The Z Flip has similar split screen functionality for some video calling apps such as Google Duo.

It’s a cool update, but a niche feature considering the £1,300/$1,380 price tag of the Z Flip. Its unusual form factor will mean it sells less than traditional (and cheaper) smartphones, but the design and execution were a step above the badly received Motorola Razr foldable and even Samsung’s own Galaxy Fold

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