The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust and waterproof so obviously we had to see whether the smartphone could survive a full dunk test. Find out what happened in our video.

Samsung has clearly noticed that Sony is offering something unique with its Xperia range of smartphones and tablets so has decided to get in on the act. To this end, the Galaxy S5 has an IP67 rating.

This means that the flagship Android handset is completely sealed from dust particles and can be submerged in water up to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

It's headphone port is waterproof without needing a cover which is cool but the microUSB port needs a flap to stop the phone from frazzling. That makes charging a bit of a faff but it's the price you must pay for the feature. Read: Galaxy S5 price and where to buy in the UK.

We thought Samsung would stop having to use a removable rear cover to offer the waterproof credential but it has managed to keep this trend.

You can still access the SIM-card slot, microSD card slot and removable battery by taking off the rear cover. A seal runs round the components to keep them safe from any water but the camera module along with the LED flash and heart rate monitor don't need to be within the seal.

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Our worry is that the rear cover won't always be clipped in properly enough to keep that potentially devastating water in. We've found numerous times that the cover is unclipped even though we thought it was. It clips to the phone at nearly 20 different points so its risky business. Our advice is to doubly check the cover and port flap is firmly in place before allowing the Galaxy S5 to come into contact with any water.