The deal is available when you buy the phone on contract. The cheapest plan offers 5GB of data for £40 upfront and £44.84 per month. This includes unlimited minutes and texts as well, over 36 months.

O2's £150 discount is a combination of reductions on both the device and contract. The offer shaves £78 off the device cost, reducing it from £976 to £898, and then £72 off the total contract cost with £2 shaved off the standard monthly rate over the 36 month period.

The S20 Plus offers a 6.7in Dynamic AMOLED display and quad camera setup, featuring a 64Mp telephoto lens, all powered with the latest Snapdragon 865 processor.

We were impressed with the device in our review, where it received 4/5 stars, however we found it difficult to justify its price when the standard S20 is fairly similar in specs. Now however, O2's deal, bundled with the excellent Galaxy Buds+ effectively amounts to a £309 discount,  making the deal a lot more appealing. You also save an additional £35.94 on the  Disney Plus subscription if that's the service you opt for.

Pick up the Galaxy S20 Plus on O2, or see other Galaxy S20 Plus deals on contract and SIM-free below. We're also rounding up the best S20 range deals in our dedicated article.