Argos' aggressive Cyber Monday strategy continues to turn heads, and its latest deal is one of the highlights so far. 

For a limited time, get the Samsung Galaxy S10e for just £334.50. That's half the price it launched for just a few months ago. 

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Half price deals are usually reserved for far more affordable items, so a saving of over £300 is something that should make you sit up and take notice.

The best price is available on the Canary Yellow version, perfect if you're looking to stand out or know a Norwich City fan. If you'd prefer, the Prism Green phone is just £65 more, while the regular Black and White models are still a great deal at £499.

However, in all likelihood you'll be covering the phone with a case anyway, so the colour choice shouldn't be much of an issue. Check out the best cases for the full S10 lineup here

Amazon and Samsung's Cyber Monday sales are also well underway, but the cheapest price across both retailers is £499 at the time of writing. 

Despite its lower price point, the Samsung Galaxy S10e offers nearly all the same features of its more expensive siblings, with an excellent OLED display, superb fingerprint sensor and great cameras.

We felt it was reasonably priced at £669 upon launch, but for under £350 it's a no-brainer. If you were considering this phone earlier in the year, now is the perfect time to invest.

The phone also comes with a host of special offers that you can take advantage of, and there really is something for everyone. Get a free SIM at no extra cost, or choose from a screen protector, microSD card or mobile security equipment at great prices. 

Click here to get the Samsung Galaxy S10e deal, or check out our range of the best SIM-only deals. If you're looking to get the phone on contract, see the best options below.