The 7.6in folding internal screen has had a major upgrade too, ditching the unsightly corner notch in favour of a dinky little pinhole selfie camera on the right side of the display - matching a similar pinhole camera on the front of the phone.

The changes make the Z Fold 2's hardware a better match for Huawei's pricier Mate Xs, though of course Samsung has the advantage of being able to give its phone a full global release with Google support. That makes the second-gen Fold the big-screen foldable to beat right now - though admittedly there isn't much other competition.

Meanwhile new colours, the snazzy Mystic Bronze and only-slightly-less-snazzy Mystic Black, match the new Note 20 phones - also announced today, alongside the new Galaxy Watch 3, Tab S7, and Buds Live true wireless headphones.

Of course, the big question for prospective buyers is durability. The first Fold was rushed to market and hastily withdrawn after review units proved unacceptably fragile. By the time it returned it was in a much better state though, and February’s Galaxy Z Flip - itself about to get a new 5G version - had none of the same concerns, beyond worries that the ‘ultra-thin glass’ used in the folding display is predictably vulnerable to scratches.

While Samsung's other new announcements are available to pre-order today, the company is yet to announce a firm release date or price for the Z Fold 2 - though has confirmed that it will reveal more on 1 September, and launch pre-orders that same day.

That should give you a bit more time to save up for it, and in the meantime UK fans can pre-register interest with Samsung, while those in the US can reserve the phone.

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