The Samsung Galaxy Fold has only been officially on sale for a few months, but the company’s next foldable phone has just leaked via Chinese site Weibo. The original post has been deleted but the images live on thanks to increasingly canny tech leaker Ice Universe:

The leaks show a phone with a full screen with curved cornerson the inside that folds horizontally to snap shut, flip phone style. There’s a central front facing camera on the inside too while the outside has a small display that shows the time and date, positioned next to dual cameras.

As Samsung has hinted at already, the phone takes a dramatically different form factor to the Fold, with a compact design that apes the the flip phones of old – as well as Motorola’s new foldable Razr reboot, which will be the first flip foldable to come to market.

Whether or not the new phone pictured turns out to be the final design will be revealed as and when it is confirmed by Samsung. But given that Samsung has already shown images of a flip design as part of its One UI 2 demo we are hopeful that the phone will debut in 2020. One UI 2 is Samsung Android 10 skin. 

The new leaked phone might be called the Galaxy Fold 2, or it could assume different branding. Speculation is that the phone will have mid-range specs (like the Razr) in order to bring down the price. The Galaxy Fold is an engineering marvel, but at nearly £2,000 is a tough purchase to justify, even for tech enthusiasts.