On first glace the design is much better than the comically unfinished first FlexPai, but it does not look as refined as the Mate Xs or Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip

Royole and ZTE executives theatrically signed a partnership agreement on stage, suggesting we could be seeing a folding ZTE device soon.

Image: Royole

Royole said it has found a way to optimise the crease in folding displays to all but eliminate its appearance, though it didn’t demonstrate this clearly on the brief show of the FlexPai 2. If you remember, the original FlexPai was hot trash, but Royole did get it to market before Samsung and Hauwei, showing it off at CES 2019.

With no pricing announced and a global pandemic in full swing, don’t hold your breath for a timely launch (even if one happens, it will unlikely be outside of China).  

The company went further, setting out to position itself as a flexible display provider to other manufacturers, showcasing flexible screens that can go on whisky bottles (below), as leaves in a digital tree, or plastered onto consumer handbags.

Image: Royole

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