New renders have leaked claiming to show a new mid-range Samsung phone with a pop-up camera. Samsung’s recent phones tend to have the front facing camera in either a notch or display cut-out, so the pop-up design would be a first for the company.

The closest Samsung has come to a pop-up camera design was the Galaxy A80, a phone with a rotating camera array that meant the same lenses were used even in selfie mode.

The new pop-up leak comes via Pigtou and OnLeaks and show a phone that resembles other Samsung phones from the Galaxy A series.

Image: Pigtou/OnLeaks

The rumoured device has three rear cameras next to a rear fingerprint sensor, a plain black reflective back and an approximately 6.5in display. It doesn’t have a headphone jack, something that is creeping into the mid-tier phone market having first happened to the high end.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep a lot of the world on lockdown, if you’re looking to buy a new phone you might begin to realise you don’t necessarily need one of the most expensive. Phones like this anticipated Galaxy A are attractive given their cheaper price and, with a pop-up camera, an uninterrupted large screen for video calls and watching Netflix.

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