The Razer Phone kicked off the gaming smartphone revolution back in 2017, and 2018’s Razer Phone 2 is hands-down one of the best gaming smartphones on the market right now. We don’t think Razer is done just yet – in fact, we imagine they’re developing the Razer Phone 3 right now for release later this year. But what will the Razer Phone 3 offer? And how much will it cost? The second-gen device ticks almost every gaming-focused box, after all.  

Here, we explain all there is to know about the Razer Phone 3 so far, from release date and pricing rumours to the latest feature speculation.

When is the Razer Phone 3 release date?

It’s safe to say that we’re still some time away from the potential release of the Razer Phone 3. The second-generation Razer Phone has only been on the market for a matter of months, and we expect that Razer will want to cash in on interest as much as possible throughout 2019.

The interest won’t last forever though, especially with the smartphone market evolving at such an incredible pace in 2019. To stay competitive, Razer will need to launch a third-gen smartphone at some point during 2019 – but when?

Considering both the original Razer Phone and 2018’s Razer Phone 2 were both made available in October, we would assume the Razer Phone 3 would be released at some point in October 2019.

But in February 2019, Razer laid off several employees and reassigned other workers in the mobile division of the company, putting the future of the Razer Phone 3 in question. While Razer didn't mention the phone specifically, the company reassured fans in a statement that despite the layoffs, "we are working on exciting new mobile projects and will share the news when we are ready" so it's a pretty confusing message.

We’ll be sure to update this section whenever we receive any new information, so check back soon for the latest Razer Phone 3 release date details.

How much will the Razer Phone 3 cost?

While the original Razer Phone was released in 2017 with a £699/$699 price tag, the Razer Phone 2 was more expensive at launch in 2018, setting potential consumers back £779.99/$799.99.

That makes the Razer Phone 2 one of the most expensive gaming smartphones on the market alongside the ASUS ROG phone, and while the 120Hz display is incredible, there are other gaming smartphones on the market that offer built-in triggers, gaming-focused accessories and more, with a smaller price tag.

We don’t think Razer would risk increasing the price any further for the launch of the Razer Phone 3, leading us to believe that the Razer Phone 3 will cost somewhere between £750-800 at launch. Of course, that is purely speculation based on past releases, and we’ll be sure to update this section once we get confirmed pricing from Razer later this year.

What will the Razer Phone 3 feature?

While we can roughly predict when the Razer Phone 3 will launch and how much it’ll cost, we don’t yet know what the next Razer Phone will offer. The second-gen smartphone already boasts best-in-class features for gamers, from the 120Hz refresh rate of the display to the gorgeous RGB lighting on the rear and a much-improved camera setup. What else does it need?

We imagine that the Razer Phone 3 will boast the 2019 flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, alongside larger base storage (128GB, up from 64GB) and a bump in both front- and rear-facing camera tech. The issue is that’s all fairly standard stuff, and we feel like Razer needs to bring something new to the table to tempt users away from the likes of the trigger-enabled ROG Phone or controller-enabled Xiaomi Black Shark.

We hope that comes in the form of bundled accessories that enhance the mobile gaming experience, whether that is a snap-on controller with analogue sticks for better control or much-improved battery life. Razer changed the game with the Razer Phone, it’s time to do it all over again with the Razer Phone 3. It’s up to you now, Razer!