With May approaching, photos have leaked on Reddit and via 9to5Google of what could be a Pixel 4a in a Google official fabric case. 9to5Google expressed some doubts over the authenticity of the photos given it can’t spot a speaker grille in the top of the phone and the absence of the clock from the status bar shows this could have been doctored.

Image: Reddit via 9to5Google

It is sometimes common for people to leak fake photos of upcoming smartphones. Motives uncertain, time on hands abundant.

But the camera cut out in the top left of the screen along with the general design is in line with earlier leaks, and given that Pixel phones always leaks, it might be the start of a couple of months of spoilers like this.

We hope Google manages to keep the pricing of the Pixel 4a at £399/$399 like the 3a, as at that price it’s pretty easy to recommend as one of the best Android phones going. Hopefully the 4a won’t have the terrible, device-ruining battery life of the regular Pixel 4

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