At its Inno Day 2020, Oppo announced a new kind of smartphone form factor aiming to overcome some of the downsides of a foldable design. The Oppo X 2021 concept device has a rollable display instead.

The innovation day is where Oppo unveils new tech and ideas and as rumoured, has announced a ‘scroll phone’. This means it can expand sideways from a 6.7in display up to 7.4in much like opening a scroll.

The Oppo X 2021 works thanks to a continuously variable Roll Motor Powertrain so the display can be any size between the minimum and maximum. Two motors apply a constant force to move the OLED screen uniformly and avoid damage.

It works much like LG’s Signature OLED R rollable TV but a scroll diameter of just 6.8mm means it can fit into a smartphone chassis.

Oppo says it has applied for no less than 122 patents relating to the handset, with 12 specific to the scroll mechanism.

Oppo X 2021 expanding phone

A 2-in-1 plate, which works like wooden slats on a pull-out bed, keep the screen supported, flat and without the infamous crease that folding phones have.

Added to the tech is a Warp Track high-strength screen laminate which Oppo liked to tank tracks. The laminate is made from high-strength steel and is only 0.1mm at its thinnest point.

Oppo X 2021 modes

Since the screen can be various different sizes Oppo showed how you could adjust it for different tasks like watching video, gaming, reading an eBook or multi-tasking.

Although still a long way from mass production and hitting retail shelves, it’s a glimpse of where the smartphone market could go beyond folding phones. It's a similar concept to the one LG teased at the end of the LG Wing launch event.

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Oppo also announced a new wearable device in the form of the AR Glass 2021, a pair of augmented reality glasses with a ‘split design’. This means the glasses are connected to a smartphone with a cable for power and processing power.

Oppo AR Glass 2021

The change means they are 75% lighter than the previous model with a 40% increase on CPU and GPU power. Oppo says it’s like looking at a 90in TV from 3m away and hand tracking is accurate with 21 markers.

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