No phones have shipped with the technology yet but the admission from Oppo that it will not be the first with the Find X2 points to the fact it may not be ready for the mass market. 

Oppo is one of the world’s bestselling phone manufacturers and it has, in the last two years, successfully broken into the UK and European market. One of the phones that helped with that PR push was the Find X, a phone that introduced many to the idea of mechanical sliding camera housing in smartphones.

We reviewed it and loved the design but weren’t used to Oppo’s heavy Android skin. The implementation was rough around the edges but there was no doubt of the quality of the hardware, fragile as it was.

Since then Oppo has released two series of Reno phones, the best of the bunch being the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. The Reno 3 is on the way, but so is the Find X2 which was confirmed by the company recently

The Find X2 may not have under-display cameras but we are holding out hope that it will help push the boundaries of smartphone design forward just like the original Find X did. It may well pack in a high refresh rate display and a vast array of cameras, as is the trend for high-end phones as we hurtle into 2020.

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