It’s unclear if the feature will come to older devices. Unfortunately for some OnePlus owners, 'old' could mean November 2018's OnePlus 6T.

Apple has a similar feature in iOS 13 to combat overcharging. If you leave your phone on charge overnight it will eventually suffer from battery degradation, hence why OnePlus has developed its Dash Charge tech, now renamed to Warp Charge. The idea is that you don’t need to plug in your phone all night as it is so fast you can just do it in the morning.

But OnePlus has clearly recognised that people still leave their phones plugged in all night and developed the feature. It works by studying your own habits to determine when to charge to hold the charge at 80% and when to top up to 100%. Not maxing out at 100% all night will help batteyr longevity, the company claims.

It says it will use data such as first alarm, daily wake up time and charging patterns to work, and will only store this metadata on the device. It is a small thing but it will hopefully eke out a few more months from OnePlus phones’ batteries before they die completely or need replacing.

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