OnePlus is back with the Nord 2 - it's third phone this summer alone - while we're going to look ahead to the rest of the summer's biggest launches and turn our attention to Netflix's announcement that it's moving into mobile gaming.

First up, the Nord 2 is here - and joined by the OnePlus Buds Pro - and it looks like another mid-range marvel, with strong specs across the board and a competitive price point.

It's far from the only phone launching this summer though. Usually a quiet period for launches, instead we're about to see the ZTE Axon 30, Huawei P50, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, and Honor Magic 3 all launch within the next few weeks.

Finally, after hiring a prominent gaming executive last week, Netflix has confirmed that it intends to move into gaming. The company says it's going to start providing mobile games for free as part of its subscription - but how will that work, and will it run foul of Apple's draconian App Store rules just like Xbox Cloud Gaming before it?

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