The OnePlus 9 series is finally here - so why aren't Dom and Chris very impressed? They're joined by the Realme 8 and Poco F3 & X3 Pro in a very busy week for phone launches - so busy we don't even have time for the Moto G100 or Vivo X60!

First up, we've reviewed the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, but we don't love them. Chunky designs and a camera with a lot of room for improvement - so much for Hasselblad's help - mean for the first time we're hesitant to recommend the new OnePlus flagships.

Luckily things are better when it comes to the Realme 8. Toddy's reviewed the 8 Pro and come away seriously impressed - though can it quite match the Redmi Note 10 Pro at the exact same price?

And finally, Poco has unveiled its own next pair of budget beasts: the X3 Pro and F3, along with the new(ish) Snapdragon 860 chipset that powers the X3 Pro. The X3 was our favourite budget phone of 2020, so is the firm onto another pair of winners?

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