The three same features are used in the Oppo Find X2 and X2 Pro. Oppo and OnePlus are both owned by holding company BBK, who is clearly investing in Nokia’s solution with its smartphone portfolio.

Nokia’s OZO website says the OZO is “Engineered for universal playback and shareability across the world’s most popular social media platforms, the OZO Audio portfolio of smartphone software is setting the standard in innovative audio solutions for user-generated content.”

A press release says:

“The latest OnePlus 8 Pro features three OZO Audio features for capturing true-to-life audio in the highest quality in videos: Audio 3D, Audio Zoom and Audio Windscreen. Audio 3D enables users to capture natural, spatial sound recordings; whilst Audio Windscreen dramatically reduces wind distortion in the audio. The Audio Zoom functionality is linked to the visual zoom of the smartphone’s camera, allowing users to dynamically identify and amplify sounds to correspond with zoomed and magnified video.”

The latter feature sounds similar to features previously seen on phones from HTC and LG, most recently with ‘voice bokeh’ on the LG V60’s video settings that focuses in on a subject’s audio output.

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