Reports confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are receiving the official Android 10 update, right in time for Christmas.

Sammobile reported the update for Germany, while Android Police claimed it’s hitting phones in the US. It follows a successful beta period and the release of the update for the S10 series at the end of November. 

Samsung has for years been terrible at bringing full Android OS updates to even its most expensive phones. Models like the Galaxy S7 and S8 suffered a year after launch by lagging behind phones from OnePlus, Google and Sony by staying on the Android version they launched with.

Now, Samsung has proven it has improved things by bringing Android 10 to the S10 and Note 10 within three months of Google launching it for its Pixel phones. For context, it only took OnePlus 18 days to push the update to its latest devices.

Samsung’s One UI skin is probably to blame (as well as the company’s size and internal roadmap. Companies like OnePlus, that only makes two phones, can put far more effort into the update, oddly). It’s got less heavy than the horrors of TouchWiz back in the day, but it changes the visual set up of Android so much that it clearly takes some effort on Samsung’s end to get it right.

One UI 2 brings with it Android 10’s navigation gestures, a one-handed mode that apes Apple’s Reachability feature, changes to the fun edge lighting settings and better UI within the stock camera app.

As ever, whether your Note 10 will get the update depends on your region and operator.