The Noka 125 is about as basic as phones come, with a 2.4in screen and longer body than before to fit in larger buttons. It’s got an FM radio built in that you can use without a headset and a modern version of Snake. If the constant stream of social media and news updates is too much, it’d be the perfect phone to slot your SIM in for the weekend while you settle down into the new Hilary Mantel.

Image: HMD Global

The Nokia 150 adds an MP3 player with 32GB expandable storage, plus a VGA camera that won’t get much done but is nice to have. It too is a little bigger than before to pack in bigger buttons that are, dare we say it, friendlier on the long sighted among us.

If this pandemic has got you longing for a bit of peace and quiet away from the hubbub of depressing world news, one of these cheap phones might be an affordable way to try some disconnection.

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