The body of this candy bar-style feature phone is rounded, with the edges of its 2.4in QVGA display folding away to meet a series of physical media controls, set within those red regions of the bodywork on either side.

Above the display and below the keypad sit two relatively massive speaker grilles, which pump out sound and while there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, unlike many feature phones, it's not required should you want to use the phone's integrated FM radio.

Being a feature phone, there's only 16MB of internal space, so HMD hints that your MP3s are best stored on a microSD card (with support for up to 32GB in capacity) and slotted in as needed.

Beyond its musical underpinnings, the 2020 Nokia 5310 sports a 1200mAh removable battery that promises up to 20 hours of talk time or 30 days standby time, along with the company's S30+-based feature phone user experience.

Unlike the likes of the revived Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8810, which both received 3G and 4G support, there's no word from HMD on the possibility of more advanced connectivity beyond 2G (GSM 900/1800) in the case of the new Nokia 5310.

Building a Spotify client for S30+ and adding music streaming capabilities to the 5310's feature set seems like a great fit, considering its musical focus, however, the feature phone market, where HMD has seen great success, most likely values local music playback over such functionality.

The Nokia 5310 is set to launch in March for €39.

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