As you can see, he claims the Galaxy Fold 2 will be the first Samsung phone to use an under display camera. If it turns out to be true, it could end up being the first to market from any company as we haven’t seen one yet.

But Chinese rivals like Vivo and Oppo are keen to beat South Korean Samsung to the line.

Under display cameras theoretically successfully negate the need for a notch or cut out camera hole in smartphone displays, one of the main design trends of the past three years popularised by the iPhone X. The new tech is very hard to pull off it seems, but once companies have mastered it you can be sure they will become mainstream.

Fellow Samsung leaker extraordinaire Max Weinbach tweeted a similar claim about Samsung’s Fold 2 shortly after Ice Universe:

Perhaps Samsung is considering putting the tech in the Fold 2 first so that it has a less tough time justifying the device’s sky high price. As Weinbach floats, it could mean the first 'normal' Samsung phone to get it is the Note 20.

Putting under display cameras in a phone everyone expects to be expensive already might be a good way for Samsung to be first to market, before waiting to let the tech trickle down to its other phones.

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