The new Moto Razr for 2016 is tipped to be a Project Tango phone from Motorola that will arrive tomorrow on 9 June. We round up the new Moto Razr rumours. Also see: Best phones 2016.

New Moto Razr 2016 UK release date rumours: When is the new Moto Razr coming out?

New Moto Razr UK release date: 9 June 2016.

Lenovo is tipped to unveil a new Project Tango phone at the Lenovo Tech World conference on 9 June. Project Tango is concerned with a phone using computer vision (motion tracking, depth perception and area learning) to detect its position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals.

Here's how to watch the Lenovo Tech World live stream at 6pm.

Two official videos appear to back up this idea. A trailer for this one-day conference invites visitors to “watch Moto transform mobile in a snap”. The second is titled 'Moto 09.06.2016' (above) and shows school kids using a Moto Razr flip phone (perhaps the 'snap' is the phone closing).

New Moto Razr feature and specification rumours: What to expect from the new Moto Razr

Very, very little is known about the new Moto Razr, except that Motorola has said it has a Project Tango phone in the wings. We're also waiting for the new Moto X (now rebranded as the Moto Z), of course, though that is widely tipped to be a Project Ara (modular) phone.

When Google first announced Project Tango its goal was to develop a mobile device that uses advanced image sensing to see the world in much the same way humans do.

The Moto Razr has an iconic flip-phone design that we first saw in 2004. Though these days the format is largely unheard of, flip phones are still manufactured, and it certainly isn't out of the question for Motorola to produce a new one. 

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