Motorola has sent press a teaser for a 9 September smartphone launch that is all but certain to be a new updated Razr folding device (via The Verge).

A short GIF (below) appears to show the edge of a folding phone, and reportedly the company said the event will “flip the smartphone experience once again”, emphasis on the ‘flip’.

While the 2019 Motorola Razr relaunched the famous brand, the product was underwhelming with reported creaking hinge and display uniformity issues. In fact, Motorola didn’t even give out review units to UK press – possibly due to the bad reviews in the US.

The device was upstaged by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a very accomplished foldable that was better on every level except nostalgia by all accounts.

Back in May a Motorola spokesperson let slip on a podcast that a new Razr was coming in September, and it was referred to as “generation two” of the device. Here’s hoping the phone fixes some of the downsides to the original to give us a foldable alternative to Samsung’s Fold and Flip lines.

Either way, you know it’s going to be expensive. The original Razr is still on sale in the UK for £1,499.

Here's everything we know about tuning into the launch of the new Razr.

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