Although some reported it as being the Edge+, a Motorola name leaked previously by Blass, he points out that "It's irresponsible to report that this [phone in the image] is the Motorola Edge+" suggesting the two posts aren't automatically about the same device.

While Motorola has been focussed on the budget and mid-range sectors of the market with it’s E, G and One devices, there’s no reason Motorola can’t compete with the big names in the flagship market.

Although details are light, the key feature is the stylus which is rare on smartphones despite Samsung’s success with the Galaxy Note range. It will be the first time Motorola has launched a phone with a stylus since the days of Windows Mobile.

The leaked image shows a stylus that looks like it slots into the phone for storage and a large display featuring a punch-hole camera. This is where the display completely surrounds the lens like the One Action.

Renders of the upcoming Moto G8 look very similar to this device, so it’s possible this could be a variant of the G8 with a stylus. Motorola made various versions of the Moto G7 so this would fit with the firm's strategy. 

What this phone will officially be called - Edge+ or otherwise - remains to be seen but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details. It might not be too long to wait as MWC 2020, the trade show where flagship phones are typically announced, is a matter of weeks away.

(It now looks like, via a new leak, that it will be the Moto G Stylus)

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