Following the Moto G8 Plus, the firm has continued to announce lone devices in what is one of the most confusing strategies we’ve seen. The Moto G8 Power is just the Moto G Power across the pond with slightly worse specs and we’ve heard nothing about a Moto G8 Stylus for the UK market.

It will be available this spring from Amazon, B&H and other retailers priced at $299.

The two (three?) phones are very similar but, you’ve guessed it, the Moto G Stylus comes with a stylus. Motorola says you can use it to “Create, design, edit with pinpoint precision” but it’s not as advanced as the one you get with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, of course.

The G Stylsu offers a pop-up menu with app shortcuts and a new app called Moto Note which launches when you remove the stylus from its slot.

Compared to the Power model, the Stylus has a 48Mp camera (with a Night Vision mode), double the amount of storage at 128GB and a lower 4000mAh battery. It’s only available in a Mystic Indigo.

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