In contrast to its larger siblings, the Surface Duo will be running Android as opposed to Windows, making it a foldable phone in all but name. This is Microsoft's first attempt at a handset since the ill-fated Windows Phone era, with all device support long since discontinued.

Despite plenty of excitement surrounding it at launch, a release date more than 12 months in the future inevitably means the hype has since died down.

However, we reported last week that the Surface Duo's release date could be brought forward, and the latest development has only added fuel to that fire. 

With Microsoft advising its employees to work from home as a result of the coronavirus, Senior Director Frank Shaw tweeted a seemingly innocuous photo of his home office setup:

However, look closely and you'll see what looks very much like a Surface Duo sitting on the desk. While this may mean nothing with regards to release date, it seems unusual for Shaw to be flaunting a device that potentially isn't available for another eight months. 

Ironically, the coronavirus threat that triggered this tweet could be responsible for delays in the Surface Duo supply chain.

In an official statement last month, the company said its Surface line was 'more negatively impacted than previously anticipated'. 

There are credible reasons why the release of the Surface Duo could be both brought forward and pushed back. It remains to be seen what will happen regarding release date, but you can read more about the upcoming Surface Duo here.

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