In a rare occurrence for the tech world, you might be able to get your hands on a cool product earlier than expected. Windows Central is reporting that the Microsoft Surface Duo, the company’s highly anticipated first Surface phone, might be available in summer 2020 rather than at the end of the year.

Reporter Zac Bowden said:

“According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft is hoping to launch Surface Duo much earlier than originally announced. This is because both the hardware and software are pretty much done. Android 10 has been complete since August 2019, so Microsoft is currently focused on finalizing the top-level OS customizations and in-box app experiences specific to Surface Duo.”

He added that he’d heard such rumours “rom multiple contacts over the last couple of months”, and goes on to speculate that a summer launch could be an early, limited release aimed at developers and early adopters.

Specs for the Duo are unknown officially but there is speculation the mobile device will run the Snapdragon 855 chipset – 2019’s vintage. Given the Duo has been in development for a while, it’s wouldn’t be a surprise if it has this older hardware.

That’s why Microsoft might be keen to rush it to market, before early adopters feel what will surely be a high asking price is not worth the spend for older specs.

The Duo (and its larger, Windows-running Neo companion device) were shown off at a Microsoft event in October, but it was suggested they would not launch until a least a year later. This is unusual for a consumer tech product but speaks to the rapidly growing two screen and folding screen product categories.

Windows fans have long been hoping for the so-called Surface Phone since the demise of Windows Phone, and the Duo will be it – though we doubt a dual screen hinged laptop-style compact phone running Android is what they had in mind.

Pricing for the Surface Duo is unknown, but hopefully it won't be as high as the £2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold

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