In a press release, LG said:

“LG VELVET will be the first device to implement the company’s new branding strategy for its mobile devices, moving away from alphanumerical designations in favor of familiar and expressive names that will help the consumer capture the essence of the device best suited for his or her personality and ever changing trends. The name “velvet” is intended to evoke images of lustrous smoothness and premium softness, two key characteristics of the new phone.”

Image: LG

It recalls strongly the branding style of LG Chocolate, the line of feature phones LG released between 2005 and 2009.

Rumours hint that the LG Velvet will have a mid-range Snapdragon 765 processor that still integrates 5G, but may steer clear of the high-end 865 chip to keep the cost down and the handset competitive.

“Our new branding reflects current trends of addressing the unique personal tastes and emotions of the individual with a greater emphasis on design,” said Chang Ma, senior vice president of product strategy at LG Mobile. “It’s a more intuitive approach that we are confident will resonate with today’s consumers and help us to establish a clearer brand identity.”

Reports suggest the LG Velvet will drop sometime in May. 

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