The trailer, below, also shows the phone’s front with a tear drop notch and its rear in green, red, black, and white. The red version appears to have a gradient finish.

The video reaffirms the newly curved edge design and ‘raindrop’ camera array that LG has already announced.  The video flits between Korean and English, with the Korean pointing out the raindrop camera and the ‘aurora white’ colour and ‘velvet touch design’.

It looks like the Velvet will have a Google Assistant button on the left edge with volume and power on the right, much like LG's latest devices.

The date on the phone’s screen at the end of the video is Sunday 19 April, and there is no word on an actual release date for the phone. But if LG is pumping out information like this, it can’t be too far off.

Image: LG

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