Image: MySmartPrice

It’s a report which should be taken with a pinch of salt, but given that LG included dual screen case options for its last three major phones the V60, G8X and V50, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Velvet also included the option.

LG’s dual screens are cases that are powered via the phone and offer an identical display on the inside of a folding case design, allowing you to use two apps at once, or play games in landscape much like a Nintendo DS. The panel on the V60’s even allows it and the phone to be used with a Wacom pen for Galaxy Note-style stylus input and note taking.

The Velvet will be a departure from previous LG phones with a Snapdragon 765G instead of the high-end 865 and will have a curved edge display and ‘raindrop’ camera array. It shows LG trying to recreate some of the allure around its brand, with the Velvet branding a call back to the days of its LG Chocolate phones.

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