However, it seems a wave of actually new devices are on the way very soon and we've caught wind of another one.

What is the LG Q7?

The lettering system isn't the most clear, but the Q series have historically been smaller and lower spec versions of LG's flagship G or V phones.

The Q6 was a G6 mini and the Q8 was a V20 mini – so it makes sense that the LG Q7 will be a G7 mini.

We know the LG Q7 is in existence because the firm has filed a trademark with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).

When is the LG Q7 release date?

Well there's little to go on at the moment but both the Q6 and Q8 were announced in July and then became available in August.

So it seems likely LG will follow this pattern, or at least fairly closely. We'd certainly expect it to be announced after the LG G7 which is expected to arrive in May.

How much will the LG Q7 cost?

We're speculating on price at the moment, but we can have a good guess based on the Q6 and Q8 prices, which are $475 and $545 respectively.

So the LG Q7 should come in around $500.

What are the LG Q7 specs?

Again, we're speculating here but we can take a reasonable informed opinion on the specs of the LG Q7.

Going by the rumours for the G7, the Q7 is likely to have a smaller screen – around 5.7in we think – although it's harder to guess whether it will also have a notch.

The processor will be lower tier and we hope it will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series this time rather than 400. You can also expect a smaller amount of RAM and storage.

Battery size should be the same, likely 3000mAh, but it's harder to predict what cameras will be on offer. The G7 will have dual-cameras and we think the Q7 will, too, albeit with lower specs.