If the leaked G9 renders (above) are accurate, the phone will look almost identical to the V60.

The chip choice could make a lot of sense and might be a canny decision by LG. Qualcomm is charging a lot for the 865, and OEMs may have realised that the 765G – which also has 5G – is just as adequate for most people’s smartphone performance needs at a cheaper price. Indeed, the just-launched Nokia 8.3 5G has the 765G and is expected to cost a lot less than 865 phones like the Galaxy S20.

LG in particular could do with all the pricing help it can get in a mobile landscape where it has lost out massively in sales in recent years. By subtly shaving costs off the G9 it might make it a more viable option.

Hopefully critics won’t say that LG downgrading its devices from the last generation with ‘worse’ specs and lower resolution displays is a bad thing, when the same critics slated the G8 for being too expensive. LG can’t seem to catch a break at the minute, and we’re keen to evaluate the G9 (and V60) on their standalone merits.  

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