Ever dropped and smashed your mobile phone? If you’re called James, Sarah, David or Paul it seems there’s a good chance your shattered phone screen is stuck together with tape.

High-street phone repairer iSmash has rather cruelly revealed the names of what it terms the UK’s clumsiest people according to lists of people who come into its shops with a sad face and a smashed phone screen.

Men’s names make up the top-three clumsy fools, with James, David and Paul most likely to drop and smash their precious smartphone. Indeed the butter-fingered top 10 includes nine men’s names, and the top 20 has 18 cack-handed males.

Sarah is the clumsiest female name (at #4), with Emma (#13) and Laura (#21) coming second and third in the women’s phone-fumbling Olympics.

iPhones take the top nine places for the most frequently repaired phones, followed by the Samsung.

James and Sarah should be looking to Black Friday and Christmas for a sturdy phone case. Check out our roundups of the best cases for iPhone X, best cases for iPhone Xr, best cases for iPhone Xs, and best cases for Samsung Galaxy S9.

In 2017 iSmash announced Leeds as the most ham-fisted town, followed by Nottingham, Bristol and Newcastle. Swansea and London had the least bungling populations 

Britain's clumsiest names list for 2018 revealed

  1. James

  2. David

  3. Paul

  4. Sarah

  5. Mark

  6. Michael

  7. John

  8. Chris

  9. Andrew

  10. Alex

  11. Richard

  12. Tom

  13. Emma

  14. Daniel

  15. Simon

  16. Matthew

  17. Ben

  18. Peter

  19. Sam

  20. Adam

  21. Laura

  22. Robert

  23. Charlotte

  24. Hannah

  25. Rebecca

  26. Nick

  27. Claire

  28. Jack

  29. Sophie

  30. Lucy

  31. Stephen

  32. Anna

  33. Thomas

  34. Jonathan

  35. George

  36. Amy

  37. Katie

  38. Matt

  39. Joe

  40. Martin

The name data was determined by the number of phone repairs carried out by iSmash from March to May 2018.