In the video Prosser calls this “your very first look at a prototype Pixel 5 XL”, and suggests it has a matte finish and a wide-angle camera added to the main and telephoto set up. He also states it is one of three prototypes in the mix for the final design of the Pixel 5 XL.

He claims the other two prototypes, not shown, have square camera modules more akin to that found on the Pixel 4 – presumably also with a new wide-angle camera.

While the video does not show the front of the phone, Prosser claims it will stick to a forehead design with no notch and no cut out. Rumours suggest before the Pixel 5 Google will launch a 4a that might have a cut out. We’ll have to wait and see.

We’re sceptical that Google will go for this design as the final one, but it won’t surprise us either. After the Pixel 4, it’s becoming clearer that Google doesn’t intend for the Pixel line to battle against the iPhone or Samsung and is happy for it to be an enthusiast’s device where it develops clever software and experiments with the Android platform.

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