In a year that has seen Huawei go from hot on the heels of Samsung in global smartphone sales to a US trade ban that means its new phones can’t run Google services, even this story is a little surprising.

Huawei’s French Twitter account seemingly posted about the company’s upcoming P40 series phones due in March, suggesting they would have graphene batteries. Graphene cells have been tested by tech companies as they look to improve on the existing lithium-ion batteries in all modern phones. 

The Twitter post has, oddly, since been taken down and Huawei has said that the official account was tweeting a rumour about its upcoming phones. This is really weird, and a messy thing to get into.

GSMArena reported confirmation that Huawei had had to say it was just tweeting incorrect internet rumours about its own products, as you do.

Image: Huawei via GSMArena

Graphene batteries are a way off yet but when the tech is ready, they should provide universally faster charging times – a full charge in half an hour from dead to full. There’s also the hope they can improve capacity and longevity. The only thing we all miss about our Nokia feature phones is the week-long battery life.

As for Huawei, the gaffe caps a frustrating year that saw the company ride high on the excellence of the P30 Pro before succumbing to an unfair trade ban that has brutally hamstrung the company in Europe.