The colour is unlike anything we’ve seen for several year, particularly in high-end Android phones. Huawei itself helped lead the charge for the last two years of shiny gradient rainbow phone designs, which we’re sure will make a return with the P40 Pro.

But if Blass is to be believed – his track record with leaks is immaculate – then Huawei will be offering some gentler pastel options for those who don’t want to flag down light aircraft with the luminescence of their device.

Huawei can play with the design all they like, and we’re sure the P40 will have phenomenally capable hardware. But the phone is practically certain to launch without support for Google services or with the Google Play Store. It might even befall the fate of the Mate 30 series and not even get an official European launch.

All will be revealed at the launch which will be at the end of March

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