You can read all the leaks and rumours about the P40 phones here.

The phones will represent the first time Huawei’s P series devices have not had Google services or app support as they’re the first released since Huawei’s May 2019 US trade ban that bars it from working directly with Google. The Mate 30 series did not have Google services either, and has suffered poor sales in the west since its release because of it.

A Paris launch event was scrapped due to coronavirus travel restrictions and concerns, so Huawei PR has confirmed that the launch will happen online instead on 26 March at 1pm UK time.

After these leaks there’s not much else for Huawei to announce, with Blass earlier teasing the below image of all the available colours of both phones:

Image: Evan Blass

We’re interested to get the phones in for review and see once again if we can in any way recommend a Huawei phone without Google services.

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