Yu dubbed the Huawei P40 as the "world's most powerful 5G flagship smartphone."

It was previously thought the new phone series would arrive on 26 March as this is when Huawei announced the Huawei P30 range. Yu then confirmed it would be at the end of March but didn't give an exact date.

The event will almost certainly bring the P40 and P40 Pro, with a P40 Ultimate Edition made of ceramic also possible. The latter would compete with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and may come with better specs and additional camera features.

Since the launch date is the same, they could well go on sale 5 April to match the P30 release date.

With the lack of Google Mobile Services, and therefore Google Play, Huawei has reiterated security and privacy for its App Gallery as a substitute. This is what the P40 will come with and may well put many potential customers off. 

Huawei trying hard to persuade app makers to port apps to the App Gallery, but we still don't know how many will bother. Some never will. 

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